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The StCo concept was created by three charity directors who combined their passion, experience and vision to create a new platform for connection and charitable giving.

Beginning its journey as the St Kilda Courtyard café in 2015, St.Co was co-founded by Ryan Everett and Michael Stafford, the directors of not for profit charity, Pay a Sack Forward-PASF. Ryan and Michael began their charitable careers in 2013, with Michael launching the PASF movement in Brisbane and Ryan launching in Melbourne soon after. The St Kilda Courtyard was the Melbourne home to the PASF movement, providing coffee to locals and raising money to support those less fortunate in the community.

In 2017 a collaboration with Donna Stolzenberg from Melbourne Homeless Collective - MHC, saw the St.Co initiative emerge. In June 2015, MHC had launched the very successful Melbourne Period Project, an initiative providing essential sanitary supplies to thousands of women and transmen living with or at risk of homelessness, across Victoria. The popularity of the project saw it launch in Brisbane and Sydney soon after where it also continues to operate servicing around 60 homelessness support organisations.

Combining their experience, knowledge and purpose, Ryan, Michael and Donna created St.Co, a charitable coffee and clothing store turning the union of coffee and clothing into support and purposeful items for people in need.